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Lavish Labs care for their dogs/puppies as if they were their children. Their dedication is second to none and simply unbelievable. I have witnessed each puppy getting individual attention, love and care starting at birth and continuing until the puppies go home with their new family. They are excellent breeders and wonderful human beings. I am so happy I was able to purchase my beautiful chocolate lab, Siena. She is an exceptional puppy. She has truly enriched my life in so many ways. Thank you so much Lavish Labs!

Erich and Lisa Bollinger

Roxy loves being up on the sofa with us-she is quite the cuddler. We think she looks a lot like Izabella. She spent some time this week with a friend and her four dogs while we were out of town. She loved it!! Sweet puppy!! Tomorrow is fun in the kids pool with me and then a little walk.

Bob and Ruth Pico

Bella is the best. She eats well, retrieves a ball, sits, understands “no” which we don’t have to use too often. Our friends threw us a “Welcome Bella” puppy shower where she got all kinds of toys, blankets, etc. I know NO ONE ELSE says this, but I think we got the best of the litter!! It was certainly worth the wait. Thanks again for your patience with our anxiousness to get her and for all your expert advice.  

Bianca Hoeger - Germany

Actually we wanted to pick a silver male out of your litter, but your champagnes are too awesome. They look really nice and your breeding is the best I ever saw in US and CA!  Delane and Desire are doing great here. Delane has started to look like a real strong man and his puppy face is changing. Man this guy has got a blocky face and stocky body!

Adam and Leahanna

We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful boy you blessed us with! He is everything to us and we couldn’t love him more!

Justin Morash

Shawna and I are very grateful to have found such an excellent breeder. You and your son are running an outstanding and caring operation. Thanks again for everything. Those drops work really well, Kaia didn't cry at all on the way home. It seems Kaia is already well on her way to being potty trained thanks to you guys working with her early on. Once we got home; as soon as I laid the wee wee pad down she went right over and peed like a lil lady with excellent manners. We were wondering, does she also poop on the pads or is she used to going outside for #2? After we fed her she seemed to look out the back glass door for awhile. Whatever track you guys have had her on we want to maintain was an excellent surprise to see that she already knows to use the wee wee pads. Thanks again.

Christina Taylor - California

   Lavish Labs strives to be the best and it shows. We have seen all of her dogs and spent time around them and they are not only the most beautiful specimens of Labradors we have ever seen but all their temperaments and personalities are warm, loving and intelligent. I was not even aware that you could DNA test a dog but they do it, She certifies their Hips, eyes, etc., she provides family lineage and She feeds them only the best dog food(not found in pet stores) and vitamin supplements, she also provides a lot of education on the dogs/puppies. Needless to say all her hard work shows in her dogs and the business she has built. My husband & I are happy to call her a friend and, adorable puppy provider! If you're looking for a healthy, beautiful, addition to your family do not hesitate to call Lavish Labs.

Loki is such a sweet boy and he get’s bigger every day. Sometimes we wonder if he has some Mastiff in him (just kidding) he is just so big and beautiful!!!

The Berg Family

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for my brother.

we lost our mom in 2008 and Jim had a black lab that got sick and had to be put to sleep

He has had a big hole in his heart ever since. This new puppy means everything to him.

Just wanted to say thank you again, 4 years ago today Jim and I's mom past away. He is so excited to meet Levi on such a day as today. It means so much more to us all.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

Douglas James

Admiral, Chief's new name, is doing great!  We love him!  He is very mellow for a lab, but still gets into trouble.  We have been taking the little guy to the dog park and puppy day care when we work.  It has been the greatest thing since he can play with the other dogs and plays until he crashes at night.  All is on track on his development according to the Vet.  He is also doing some basic puppy training as well.

Bottom-line is we are really enjoying him.  I've attached some pictures and will send more!!

Brandi Brunache

Storm is doing awesome! I've been so busy with her and work have hardly checked my emails ha. She is now 24 lbs..bigger than the bostons and just learned to swim and jump up on the couch.. yikes went so fast can't carry her anymore! She is healthy no problems and potty trained already, so cute has been following around the other two learning boundaries:-) They all take over our bed at 6am every morning to cuddle its sweet all 3 of em together she thinks she is a small dog. Anyway hope the rest of baby's as happy as we are! So blessed she really has a great temperament, is very responsive and everyone we have seen compliments both her beauty and good calm behavior. Amazing we couldn't love her more

Danielle Jones

Bogie is getting so big!  He weighs 33lbs now and is adorable.  Thank goodness because he is a terror!  We have thought about renaming him Marley, but we know the puppy stage won't last forever.  He fits in well with the family and we are enjoying watching him grow.

Tim Kelly - Germany

 Hello, My name is Tim Kelly and I am an American living in Germany. We are looking in getting a Labrador for our family and I have spent long hours looking into silver and charcoal labs. I am glad to see that someone is breeding for type and just not color. Odin is a beautiful male. I have only seen two charcoal females here in Germany that come close to the type that Keira shows. On your home page there is a young charcoal lab on the left side of the page that shows a lot of type. We have been searching for just the right female puppy for us here in Germany and it is difficult to find dogs with a proper head (such as Odin has). I would be thankful for information on Keira and the picture of the young charcoal on your homepage. Keira has always impressed me. Keira and Zeus should produce an exciting litter. I am very excited about this litter! You are certainly doing things right by using silver factored labs (improving)!!I would be please to see pictures of this litter.

Hollie Schwandt - Owner Red Rock Ranch/Silver Hills Labradors

       “I appreciate the goals that you have for your breeding program, you are a lot like me, and we need more breeders to breed like this, I am so glad you are working on improvement.“I am very familiar with all those names in the pedigrees that you sent me, they are great dogs and great pedigrees that you are working with,,,,,,GOOD FOR YOU! I am so glad you are working on improvement of the dilutes, that is what will make them here to stay really."

Lisa Garner - Owner of Legendary Tails Labradors

      “You certainly have been working hard. You have really taken responsible steps towards this business. You will yield back what you put in.You take incredible care of your companions and your business dealings. You are an awesome breeder!"

Felicia R. Bracey - Owner Devon Smiles Photography Rancho Cucamonga, CA

      I have known Lavish Labs since the inception and I have been extremely impressed by her care of all her animals. She has taken great care to ensure that the dogs are truly taken care of with the best supplements and medical care. Just as she has maintained top quality care for her Labs, she screens each owner to make sure they owners provide the same quality of care. They are definitely Lavish Labs!

Devon is spoiling “Baby” and she is such a little Diva it is so funny she has “MJ” rapped around her little finger (or paw) LOL!!

Gail Forsyth with Genetic Dog Breeders Registry

      I would first like to welcome you and let you know I think you are a stellar breeder! The testing of the parents is so important.

Amanda Edwards, Hobby Breeder of Field Labs, Feb 2012

      I met the owner of Lavish Labs and her dogs when I took my dam to be bred by her stud, Odin. Everything she represented on her website, email communication, and during our phone conversations was SPOT ON. (And I have had some disappointing experiences in the past when looking at dogs after a long and hopeful car ride.) Odin was the exactly the type of amazing male we were looking for to sire a litter. She is honest and committed to upholding the Labrador breed in health and temperament, which is great to see in a fellow breeder, but she also really cared for Gloria, "my girl," as if she were her own dam. I learned a lot about how to keep mama and puppies healthier through certain supplements and am forever grateful to be able to work with her and make a new friend.

Margie Shepard

I've never met anyone who takes such good care of their animals! Thank you for providing us with our lovely Bella. We love her so much, she is so sweet!!

Riddle Family

I can't express how much we appreciate you.  I truly feel we gained special friends meeting you and Isaiah. You are genuine, straight forward and honest. Its not often we come across people like that. We left your home so positive and reassured we are getting a wonderful puppy.