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UGrCH  CH Int CH/Nat CH AKC CGC. Ranked #9 of the UKC 2013 Top Ten

Odin is a UKC Grand Champion/Champion and International/National Champion in conformation.  Odin is currently ranked #9 of the UKC 2013 Top Ten Labradors. Odin has earned his AKC CGC Title as well. Odin is Champion Grand-Sired and comes from a pedigree of 31 Champions/titled dogs in his 5 generation pedigree including “CH MACH Prospect's Slam Dunk MH, UD, RE, PAX, MXP8, MJP6, PAX2”  Odin is a traditional (Does not carry Dilute) black that carries the chocolate and yellow gene and has produced all three traditional colors.  Odin is OFA Good on hips, OFA Normal on elbows, OFA Normal Patella’s, OFA Full Detention (Teeth), OFA Echo (Heart) Clear, CERF (eyes) Normal, DNA tested through AKC and color coat tested through Vetgen, EIC Clear, DM Clear, CNM Clear, PRA/prcd Clear, Cysturnia Clear, Narcolepsy Clear, Dilute clear, RD/OSD Clear, and Long Coat Gene Clear.  



AKC Junior Hunt, Advanced Canine Good Citizen & CGC titled

Snowy is a daughter of UKC CH & Int Ch “Siena” who is a daughter of GCH, Int & Nat Ch Odin. Snowy is Sired by Int Ch “Midas” who is a Int Ch and Sired by AKC GCH Endless Mt’s Scotland Yard.  Snowy has earned 3 AKC Titles and is being trained to be my service dog!  Snowy is OFA Normal on hips, elbows, patella’s. Cardiac, full detention, and clear of EIC, CNM, DM, RD/OSD, Cysturnia, HNPK, PRA and K Gene.


Champion Sired

Missy is our beautiful  CH Sired girl who is Sired by Int Ch Somersuns Diamond in the Rough and Grand-Sired by GCH CH Poplar Forest Play it Again Sam UD RE MH MHU and CH Zinfindel Brigham.  Missy’s Great-Grandparent’s are CH MACH Prospect's Slam Dunk MH, UD, RE, PAX, MXP8, MJP6, PAX2, CH Sundance’s Paddy’s Irish Cream CD MH, CH Pembroke Blk Mist Poplar Forest MH, SCF Princess Buttercup OA MXJ NAP OJP OFP, CH Tullamores Toblerone, CH Tabitha’s Confection, and CH Gaetacreek Joyfull Jasper.  Missy has  41 Champions and 4 CH/MH along with numerous other Hunt & Performance titles in her 5 generation pedigree backing her. Missy is a yellow that does not carry chocolate or the dilute gene . Missy is OFA Good on Hips, OFA Normal on Elbows, Patellars Normal, Cardiac Normal, Full Dentition, EIC Clear, CNM Clear, DM Clear, PRA/prcd Clear, RD/OSD Clear, Cysturnia Clear, dilute clear and K Gene Clear.


Color: Chocolate

Breeder/Owner Handled International Champion

Phoebe is a International Champion in conformation. Phoebe was bred here at Lavish Labs and is GCH Sired by our stud Odin and comes from a champion pedigree that includes, Zafari’s, Dickendall, Simerdown’s, Prospects, etc .  Phoebe’s Dam “Percy” is CH Sired by our own “UKC & Int CH Zeus who is CH Sired by BISS GCH Can CH Highcaliber Labradale Expresso. Phoebe has a pedigree packed full of champions. Phoebe is a chocolate that can produce multiple colors  except yellow depending on what male she is bred to.  Phoebe is OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Patellars Normal, Cardiac Normal, Full Dentition, EIC Clear, PRA/prcd Clear, HNPK Clear, Cysturnia Clear, DM Clear, and CNM Clear.


Color: Yellow

International Champion in Conformation

Venus is AKC GCH/Can CH/UKC CH Sired and has earned her International Champion title!!  Venus has 20 Champions in her 5 generation pedigree including her imported sire “Am GCH CH Can CH UKC CH Annual’s Nostalgic at Hilldreams” Venus’ also has champion import lines on her dam’s side of pedigree.  Venus is OFA normal on hips, elbows, patella’s, cardiac, full detention, PRA/prcd Clear, EIC Clear, CNM Clear, DM Clear, Cysturnia Clear, RD/OSD Clear, HNPK Clear, K Gene clear.


UKC Champion, International Champion and AKC CGC Titled

2013 #7 of Top Ten Labradors in the UKC

Zeus has a very impressive pedigree, he is a International and UKC Show Champion and AKC CGC Titled.  Zeus has 31 Titled dogs in his 5 generation pedigree including his sire “AKC BISS GCH Can CH Highcaliber Labradale Expresso” and many more champions on both sides of his pedigree. Zeus’ dam is black with champion pedigree. Zeus can produce all colors except yellow. Zeus is now living as a pet/companion with our friend Maribel and “Siena” but is still one of our Studs. Zeus is OFA Good on Hips and Normal on elbows, CERF (eyes) Normal, is EIC clear, DM Clear, CNM clear, Cysturnia, HNPK Clear, RD/OSD Clear, Clear, K Gene clear, AKC DNA, Long Coat Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear, Echo (Heart) Normal, Patellar’s Normal, and Full Detention.


Color: Fox Red Yellow

International Champion

Sired by CH Keepsake Red Star Rising

Ruby is sired by one of the ONLY AKC Champion Fox Red’s “CH Keepsake’s Red Star Rising” and her Dam is AKC Junior Hunt titled. Ruby comes from dual purpose lines with  champion show, hunt titled and performance titled lines.  Ruby has 12 champion/titled dogs in her 5 generation pedigree that include dogs such as such “CH Keepsake Cajun”, “FC AFC Gunstocks Butch From Winifox”, “CH Sounders Easy Does it”, “FC AFC Lone Star J R II”, “FC AFC Riparian Roughrider” etc. Ruby can produce every color depending on what male she is bred to. Ruby is OFA Excellent on Hips, Normal on elbows, Patellas Normal, Cardiac Normal, Full Detention, EIC carrier, CNM clear, DM Clear, PRA Clear, Cysturnia Clear,  RD/OSD Clear, K Locus gene clear and Narcolepsy Clear..